The Dandy Defined

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Dandemonium - The Dandy Defined

Journalist, author and curator, Robin Dutt has worked on this book for well over a decade. His purpose is to put the concept of the Dandy into historical, social and aesthetic context. Dandies of the past - Beau Brummell, Count d'Orsay, Lord Byron are all in the spotlight. But to show Dandyism's contemporary relevance, Robin has also included a stellar cast of gentlemen he has interviewed or met, as extensive chapter conclusions, from Sir Hardy Amies to Andy Warhol, Quentin Crisp to AA Gill, Pierre Cardin to David Sylvian.

Lavished with celebrated and lesser known illustrations and compelling photographs, this is an exploration of a feeling, a lifestyle, a veritable mania for attention to detail and elegance. And although somewhat changed, Dandyism is as relevant today as it ever was.

Published by Kerseymere